The potential benefits of improved meteorological services in Rwanda

A forecastive cost‐benefit analysis NEF Consulting’s clients operate in a range of sectors and regions, and so do we. Samra Mariam was recently in Rwanda to conduct a forward-looking cost-benefit analysis of the potential benefits of investing in better weather and climate information…. Read more »

1 wrong turn and 5 key lessons on gender diversity

AUTHOR: Anke Winchenbach, Consultant, NEF Consulting I recently attended the ‘Women Mean Business’ event organised by Policy-UK Forum, eager to hear the latest on gender diversity and equality in the workplace. With new Government regulation requiring large organisations to publish… Read more »

Accelerating the new economy

AUTHOR: Michael Weatherhead, International Director, NEF Consulting. Michael also gave a keynote presentation at the launch of the New Economy Accelerator – see the video at the end of this article. What is the best way to affect change?   The New… Read more »