Evaluating local partnerships in Uganda

NEF Consulting’s clients operate in a range of sectors and regions, and so do we. Emily Atkinson was recently in Uganda to conduct an evaluation for a development programme with local farming communities. Emily Atkinson, Consultant Recently I was lucky enough to travel to the Rwenzori region of West Uganda as part of NEF Consulting’s… Read more »

Establishing community-defined social KPIs for regeneration programmes

Author: Elizabeth Cox, Associate Director, NEF Consulting There has never been a greater and more urgent need for a new economy. In response to challenges around housing and rising land prices, many local authorities are moving people in social and council homes out of their communities. YourMK is refreshingly different in their approach to regeneration…. Read more »

1 wrong turn and 5 key lessons on gender diversity

AUTHOR: Anke Winchenbach, Consultant, NEF Consulting I recently attended the ‘Women Mean Business’ event organised by Policy-UK Forum, eager to hear the latest on gender diversity and equality in the workplace. With new Government regulation requiring large organisations to publish their gender pay gap, and the Hampton-Alexander review, NEF Consulting has seen increased interest from… Read more »

When you give women a spade: driving sustainability

CARE: Ghana - women will drive sustainability

AUTHOR: Alison Freeman, Senior Consultant, NEF Consulting. How we feed an extra two billion people on our little planet by 2050 is one of the seismic challenges of this century. The problem isn’t just about the growing number of mouths. It is about the potential loss of 20% of our arable farm land due in… Read more »

Notes from China – the long-term impacts of in-country volunteering

AUTHOR: Anke Winchenbach, Consultant, NEF Consulting Anke recently visited three cities in China as part of NEF Consulting’s work on a pilot project for Raleigh International to examine the longer term social and economic impact of in-county youth volunteering. Assessing the socio-economic impacts of projects and interventions for public, corporate or charitable organisations is a… Read more »

Worker wellbeing – the future of supply chains

AUTHOR: Michael Weatherhead, International Director, NEF Consulting. During the recent Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) event: Worker wellbeing: a right or a privilege, I was struck by how far the conversation has moved on around worker wellbeing in the supply chain.Three key factors seem to have helped move it on from being viewed as a privilege… Read more »

How to build impact measurement skills within your organisation

AUTHOR: Alison Freeman, Senior Consultant. When it comes to making a difference, we all want to know our own organisation is on track. So why is it so difficult for organisations to get to grips with measuring their social impact? I was discussing this challenge with a senior manager during one of our bespoke impact… Read more »

Accelerating the new economy

AUTHOR: Michael Weatherhead, International Director, NEF Consulting. Michael also gave a keynote presentation at the launch of the New Economy Accelerator – see the video at the end of this article. What is the best way to affect change?   The New Economy Accelerator (NEA) programme believes it is to support spaces for radical experimentation. This experimentation… Read more »

In SROI, what people says matters

Involving stakeholders at each stage of an evaluation is one of the fundamental principles of SROI, and should be celebrated as one of its greatest strengths. By Sarah Arnold,  Economist, NEF Consulting. The common thread underpinning NEF Consulting’s work is co-production. Our participatory research methods ensure our work reflects the input of those most affected,… Read more »

Looking beyond the numbers

At the Prince's Trust Awards

The meaning behind data at the Prince’s Trust by Emily Atkinson, Analyst, NEF Consulting (photo: Emily at the Awards). I love numbers. It is through numbers that we can measure things and by measuring things we make them count (literally)! A large part of our work at NEF Consulting is about exactly that. We create… Read more »