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NHS Foundation Trust uses wellbeing metric

Care without Carbon report

NEF Consulting worked with the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust to develop an innovative wellbeing metric to measure the health and wellbeing of their staff.  The metric follows NEF’s National Accounts of Wellbeing methodology and is being used by the Trust in an annual report on its sustainable healthcare strategy, Care Without Carbon. The Trust’s 2020 objectives, resulting from use… Read more »

Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board:

Family 2020 Academic Research Suffolk County Council commissioned NEF Consulting and UCL Institute of Health Equity to review the research and assess the evidence base behind its Family 2020 strategy. Family 2020 is an innovative and outcomes-led strategy that addresses a fundamental need: to maintain and improve the level of support to families at a… Read more »

New report on the social value of investing in dementia 

The Health Innovation Network, Academic Health Science Network for South London, has published a report proving that the positive social value of peer support groups for people with dementia, their carers and volunteers can be far greater than the investment. NEF Consulting validated the study. Peer Support for People with Dementia – A Social Return on… Read more »

SDU: Healthy Returns from Sustainability Actions

The Sustainability Development Unit (SDU) is funded by, and accountable to, NHS England and Public Health England.  NEF Consulting worked with them to identify some real life examples of projects across the NHS, public health and social care system helping to build a sustainable healthcare system and show – when scaled up – the potential financial,… Read more »

Bridging the gap: linking immediate changes to long term impact

Early childhood development

AUTHOR: Rosemary Maguire, Senior Consultant, NEF Consulting. Most research on the effects of Early Childhood Development projects in a development setting focuses on the long term impact that is created. You wouldn’t assume there’s a problem there, right? With so much policy making and investments focused on the short term, it can be refreshing to… Read more »

Evaluation of early childhood development interventions

Early childhood development

NEF Consulting evaluated ChildFund’s Responsive Parenting Program in Ecuador using a Social Return on Investment approach. The research indicates that if a long-term approach is combined with broader social valuation, the returns on investment in early childhood development interventions could be substantially higher than the existing evidence suggests. It also provides a deeper understanding of… Read more »

New report evaluates benefits of health intervention services

Health Exchange report cover June 2014

Health Exchange has been promoting health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities since 2007. Their mission is to support people in Birmingham, the wider West Midlands, Worcestershire and Solihull to make informed lifestyle choices that improve their health and wellbeing. Understanding the impact of their health intervention services on the community is  critical to their work, so… Read more »

Mind: The economic benefits of Ecominds

Thanks to support from the Big Lottery Fund since 2009, Mind’s Ecominds scheme funded 130 environmental projects in England that help people living with mental health problems get involved in green activities to improve their confidence, self-esteem, physical and mental health. Projects range from horticultural and agricultural schemes, through to walking groups and regeneration projects in local parks. Over 12,000 people… Read more »

British Red Cross: Assessing the value of preventative support

Red Cross case studies

British Red Cross is a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis. They enable vulnerable people at home and overseas to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their own communities. When the crisis is over, they help people recover and move on with their lives. NEF Consulting conducted a socio-economic analysis for British… Read more »

International HIV Aids Alliance: Value for money of community-based response

Through a global partnership of community-based organisations the International HIV Aids Alliance helps prevent the spread of HIV, meet the challenges of AIDS, and build healthier communities. Following NEF Consulting‘s guidance on undertaking two SROI analyses in India and Zambia, NEF Consulting was commissioned by the International HIV Aids Alliance to design, facilitate and contribute to technical… Read more »