Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA)

New report shows long-term benefits of Raleigh in-country volunteer study

Following extensive research and first-hand interviews across Namibia and China, NEF Consulting and Raleigh International have released the findings of a study into the benefits of volunteering for participants in a long-running programme. The study found significant improvements to the personal development of volunteers who took part in Raleigh’s Expedition programme, which has been running for… Read more »

When you give women a spade: driving sustainability

CARE: Ghana - women will drive sustainability

AUTHOR: Alison Freeman, Senior Consultant, NEF Consulting. How we feed an extra two billion people on our little planet by 2050 is one of the seismic challenges of this century. The problem isn’t just about the growing number of mouths. It is about the potential loss of 20% of our arable farm land due in… Read more »

An ecosystem services approach to valuing river restoration

While the South West of England has some of the UK’s most iconic and beautiful rivers, many are experiencing pressures, both current and historic, that limit their ability to function naturally and which cause them to become ecologically degraded. In 2012, responding to these problems, the Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT) secured Catchment Restoration Fund (CRF)… Read more »

CARE International: An economic evaluation of community-based adaptation in Dakoro, Niger

CARE report image

NEF Consulting used an extended Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA) to compare and contrast the benefits and investment of CARE International’s Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP) in Dakoro, Niger. Climate change adaptation is one of the top priorities for developing countries. In the face of climate change, development policy will need to embed adaptation in its core development strategies. One of the… Read more »