Proving and Improving

What does it mean to ‘prove’ and ‘improve’?

‘Proving’ is about demonstrating that change is actually taking place, that the organisation is living up to its mission, and that it can explain these changes and effects to a range of people that have a stake in what happens. It can also be about demonstrating to these people that the organisation or its activities lives up to or achieves expected standards. Proving can be important within the organisation, within the group of people the social enterprise seeks to serve, and to various types of supporters.

‘Improving’ refers to a continuous process of learning and growth, to support the social mission and also to sustain/grow the business. It is also about actively pursuing ways to get better – at delivering goods and services, running efficiently, and creating value for employees and partners.

These two ideas are joined in a continual process of planning, learning, and working together with colleagues and others.

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