Bespoke and in-house programmes

  • In-house training – our open, public, courses brought to your teams within your organisation. Suitable for 6 or more people. Contact us for more information.

  • Bespoke training – workshops or courses developed specifically for your team or organisation, delivered at our offices or in-house. Suitable for 4 or more people. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

  • One-to-one training and advice – come to our offices or receive training and mentoring by email and telephone. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Executive briefings – aimed at senior decision makers who want to learn more about a methodology or some other aspect of our work. An excellent precursor to training your teams through our open courses or appointing us to work with you on a project.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Use our expertise to offer training courses to your members, clients or other external audiences. Contact us to find out more

What we can offer

We can take up to three people from one organisation on any of our open training programmes as listed on our training calendar.  It is sometimes possible to arrange additional dates for these courses so please contact us if you can’t make the dates on the calendar. This is usually only possible for three or more people and would be at our offices in London.

All our open training programmes are available for in-house, tailored or one-to-one delivery, even if we are not currently running them as open courses such as:

Measuring local economic impact with LM3

This can be tailored to public sector or private sector audiences.  It provides a simple and understandable way of measuring local economic impact. The model has been refined and improved based on work with all 26 local authorities in the North East of England, with over £3 billion of annual spending with 140,000 suppliers. Construction companies are using the model widely to measure social and economic value. Public sector organisations, such as TFL, are incorporating LM3 as a standard measure of added value.

  • Public sector audiences will learn how to incorporate LM3 as a standard measure of added value when considering procurement decisions.
  • Suppliers to the public sector will learn how to use the model to measure social and economic value and help the public sector with their procurement decisions.

LM3 briefings

We also offer short sessions on measuring local impact using LM3. These are usually held at our offices for small groups or one-to-one.

SROI ‘masterclasses’

In-house masterclasses on key aspects of conducting effective and robust SROI evaluations. These one-day in-house sessions provide the latest thinking, research and tools to develop high-quality SROI analysis.

SROI briefings

Short sessions explaining SROI and why it is important. These are usually held at our offices for small groups or one-to-one.

“Thank you for your thought provoking and informative whistle stop tour of SROI…extremely interesting and useful. The projects you have been involved in are amazingly inspiring.”
Louise Richards, Community Participation Manager, Literature Wales

Wellbeing at work training

We can work with you to create tailor-made courses within your organisation to understand, measure and act on wellbeing.  By investing in employee wellbeing – their experience at work – organisations can improve their performance. The savings associated with fewer sick days, greater staff retention and improved output quickly add up.

Applying the Social Value Act

This one-day workshop will help all those involved in commissioning services to understand when and how to apply the Act, exploring the meaning of social value and how it can be integrated into commissioning and procurement cycles. Supported with best practice examples, participants will learn how to maximise the potential of the Act through practical implementation. NEF has been collaborating for nearly a decade with local authorities to create a model of designing, commissioning and delivering services that promote social value. The focus is on outcomes and co-production of services with local people and providers. This is an ideal course for anyone who wants to move towards maximising long-term, preventative value creation.

Partnerships and member offers

Let us know if you would like to offer our courses or training to your audiences whether they are members, clients or specialist groups.  We would be happy to talk to you about offering any of our open training programmes within a special package or as a one-off offer.

Contact us  to discuss details.


We will give you a personal quotation based on your brief.

Contact us to talk about in-house masterclasses, training tailored to your needs, training for an external audience or one-to-one training.