Data analysis for social impact

Quantitative data is the raw ingredient in understanding how much impact you have created.

This one-day workshop will help you to organise, analyse, interpret and visualise your primary data. We will use a live case study and create space for those who have their own sample datasets to discuss and explore data analysis options.

Data analysis skills are crucial for understanding large data sets and performing evaluations such as Social Return on Investment (SROI). If reporting on social impact is part of your job, this is an opportunity to refresh and buildyour skills. The workshop will help you become a resourceful and independent data analyst who can quickly cut to the heart of what a set of survey and secondary data tells you about social impact.

Topics covered

During this course we will use a live Excel case study to cover:
• Data cleaning and the key principles for model usability and efficiency.
• Calculations – useful features of Excel.
• Building the model logic.
• Participant data sets – discuss and plan how to analyse your own data.
• Visualising your data – dashboards.
We will also discuss designing surveys to obtain high quality data.

What you will learn

By the end of the day you will be able to:
• Understand different types of quantitative data.
• Design surveys for high quality quantitative data.
• Construct and navigate an Excel workbook for social impact data analysis.
• Clean and code your data.
• Select and apply a number of excel functions.
• Understand the principles for data layout and navigation.
• Present your data in appropriate and insightful charts and graphs.

Who should attend

Anyone responsible for collecting quantitative data to understand social impact.

It is particularly relevant for those:

  • Looking to improve the quality of their data collection methods and reporting
  • With a requirement to manage larger and more complex datasets.

It is also ideal for those with simple Excel skills who want to up their game. They will learn how Excel can help organise and present data to provide appropriate, useful and meaningful descriptive statistics and graphical interpretations of data.

Who will be running the workshop?

Jake Kuyer, Consultant, NEF Consulting

Jake Kuyer web croppedJake is interested in the application of economic analysis to social and environmental issues to improve the overall relationship between the economy, the environment and society. For more information click here.



Sarah Arnold, Economist, NEF Consulting

Sarah Arnold web croppedSarah joined NEF Consulting in 2014 after graduating with an MA in Economics from the University of Edinburgh. She specialised in econometric techniques and statistical modelling. Since joining NEF Consulting, Sarah has undergone training on Social Return on Investment and other social cost-benefit methodologies and is confident undertaking quantitative analysis of social impact. For more information click here.


Dates, venue and cost

26 September, 2017- London. Book here.

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All courses are subject to U.K. VAT.  Fee includes refreshments and lunch, as well as training materials.

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