Why I like working for NEF Consulting

AUTHOR: Laura Smith, Marketing and Administrative Assistant, NEF Consulting

People often assume that being an administrative assistant means only answering the telephone, writing emails and organising meetings but at NEF Consulting it is much more than just a title. You, as an individual, help make the team a whole.

It all began in the summer of 2010 when I was employed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) as an apprentice where I was in charge of general admin and reception duties. My usual everyday routine included making sure the office was tidied to  high standard, that there was enough tea and coffee available,  regularly checking for health and safety hazards, opening and distributing the post, meeting and greeting clients and other front desk duties. Most afternoons, I was able to help out in NEF Consulting with the preparation of the materials for the monthly SROI training and Masterclasses.

After a couple of years of this routine and after I completed my apprenticeship, NEF Consulting employed me full time which was amazing. This was my first job and my first step on to the career ladder. I was also given the opportunity to attend an SROI training session which gave me a broader insight to what NEF Consulting can do to help organisations improve wellbeing and move towards a new economy.

Two years on from this, I am now working towards becoming a marketing specialist. At present I am Marketing and Administrative Assistant for NEF Consulting, learning the skills needed to progress into the marketing role. Alongside this training, I look after the team, dealing with their requests as quickly as possible. I am also in charge of bookings for the training and Masterclasses and I prepare all the necessary materials while ensuring that the training sessions run as smoothly as possible. This requires me to multitask on a daily basis and over the years this has helped me to continuously prioritise my workload.

NEF Consulting has been amazingly supportive. They have helped me on to the career ladder, cared and nurtured me into the NEF Consulting family and are still inspiring me to progress in my career developing my skills each step of the way. Although, I haven’t had any experience in another work place, I am pretty sure I will not find another place quite like this.