We work closely with organisations to place social, economic and environmental value at their heart of their strategic decisions, inspiring a culture change towards new ways of working, new opportunities and stronger business models.

We help organisations to develop strategies to integrate social, economic and environmental value creation, identify priorities, allocate resources and measure success.

Our work is split between strategy development and supporting organisations to build sustainable businesses.

Strategy  development

We help organisations to place their missions and values at the heart of business strategies – positioning them to become more resilient and sustainable. Our approach is based on the principles of co-production and human-centred design, ensuring that strategies are meaningful, feasible and viable.

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Sustainable business

Wellbeing at work

The cost of ill health to the UK economy is around £100 billion a year. This is equivalent to running another NHS. So how is it best to measure and inspire positive performance and loyalty in your people and supply chain?

NEF Consulting has developed a range of approaches to address wellbeing in the workplace. These draw on a decade of research into wellbeing by the new economics foundation.

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Well Supplied programme

The wellbeing of workers, throughout the supply chain, is more than ‘a nice to have’. When given attention it can result in higher quality, greater consistency, lower absenteeism and a more productive workforce. However, all too often, audits surface problems for individuals and businesses in supply chains without providing the tools and techniques to change things and move beyond mere compliance.

Well Supplied provides a process for implementation support needed to achieve these goals. Its tools and processes identify high-leverage points for intervention that can be accepted by everyone involved, that directly impact the business, the lives of workers and the communities.  

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