Where we work

NEF Consulting works across the UK and internationally. The map below gives an indication of some of the places we have worked. Just scroll across the map and click on the marker for details.

Across the UK

Our head office is in London but we work on projects and with clients across the UK, partnering where appropriate to ensure we have the best local knowledge.

For example, we have recently been working on a number of projects in Wales with Public Health Wales.


See below for some examples of our work around the world:

The benefits of investing in early child development: an SROI analysis of the Responsive Parenting Program, ChildFund International, Ecuador

Managing uncertainty: an economic evaluation of community-based adaptation in Dakoro, Niger

Improve Development Effectiveness: Value for Money (VfM) training, Cape Town 

Examining the long-term  benefits of in-country volunteering, China and Namibia

SROI analysis for Ecology Action Centre, Canada